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With the strength and experience coming from our past and qualified human resources we own, we work hard to color up the textile sector differently.


Our company, operating in Denizli which is the most important center for our country’s textile sector, produces Denizli towel by using the most special and quality yarns.


Our understanding of quality is to create and to maintain customer satisfaction not only on the basis of physical product but also on the basis of service at the highest level.


It is to increase the level of quality in all of the departments of our business by taking high efficiency in our production and continuous growth in production phases as our bases.


Products that are produced with Denizli towel production have quality that will last for years, and they are quite durable against wearing due to constant usage and washing.


Having an important place among Denizli towel companies, Mutçalı Textile meets the wholesale Denizli towel needs of the big corporations with its Denizli towel production.


Textile is a Journey of Discovery

We produce towels with artistic precision without sacrificing quality for more than 30 years.


We bring quality towel production with quality of your homes.

All Your Needs

Production with or without logo is made with the requested color, grammage and size.


We produce all kind of promotion products in the size and colors with any logo you request.


Our range of bathrobes come in a choice of styles and materials to suit everyone.

About Us


Mutçalı Textile has been producing towel, bathrobe and hotel textile products for more than 30 years. Mutçalı Textile conducts all these works with its 350 employees in an integrated facility within a closed area of 64.030 m².


The production process takes place through our integrated facility: Weaving, Dye House, Garment & Embroidery, Quality Control & Packaging.


As Mutçalı Textile, we do business with our customers which is based on mutual understanding and exchange of ideas that reaches to the level of friendship.

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